ODP: Practice Tests

ODP: Practice Tests These tests are designed to help you prepare for the ABO and NCLE exams by giving you the opportunity to practice your skills and knowledge in a test-like environment. Each test in this series consists of a set of questions that cover a range of topics and levels of difficulty. By taking … Continued

ODP: Flash Cards

ODP: Flash Cards Use the following flash card sets to review key terms and concepts as part of each course.

ODP: Sponsor 101 Training

Sponsor 101 Training Complete this quick course to learn how to be a sponsor for the Optician Development Program. Course Contents What is the Optician Development Program? What is a Sponsor? The Sponsor’s Role to Motivate Getting Started (LMS Platform and FAQs) Mini Quiz

ODP: Spectacle

Course Description The Spectacle course curriculum begins with a survey of the optical field, including the history and the various eye care professions. The ocular anatomy, physiology and pathology are covered, along with a thorough discussion of the concepts and principles of the field. This includes topics such as the optical cross, refraction, and prism. … Continued

ODP: Contact Lens

Course Description The Contact Lens course curriculum begins with an introduction to contact lenses including historical developments and the designs and various materials of contact lenses. The ocular anatomy, physiology and pathology are reviewed along with a thorough discussion of the potential adverse effects of contact lenses. The main contact lens concepts and principles are … Continued

ODP: Boot Camp

Course Description This is a quick-start course designed to provide an initial foundation to get a new optician up to speed quickly or provide a helpful refresher for experienced opticians. The Boot Camp serves as a 7-module survey of the optical field and the expectations of an optician’s role. The course begins with an overview … Continued