Dispensing to Seniors-2022

You are accessing a expired course Brief Course Description Dispensing to Seniors The population is ageing and people are living longer. The average life expectancy in the United States is now more that 75 years and this bodes well for the optical industry. The “baby boom” generation, that large segment of the population born between … Continued

Troubleshooting the Demanding Patient-2021

You are accessing a expired course Brief Course Description Troubleshooting the Demanding Patient Troubleshooting the demanding patient is like troubleshooting any other patient. The demanding patient requires more patience and often a more creative approach to your usual routine. At the conclusion of this program, you should be able to troubleshoot lens and frame issues … Continued

Diabetes and the Eye-2021

You are accessing a expired course Diabetes is a systemic disease affecting a large percentage of the U.S. population. When uncontrolled, diabetes can damage the retina, possibly leading to blindness. The eye care professional (ECP) benefits from a basic understanding of the disease, the symptoms and available treatments: especially in relationship to the eye and … Continued

Intro to Low Vision Part 1-2020

You are accessing a expired course Most people experience normal changes in vision as they age, which can usually be corrected with standard prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, age‐related eye diseases, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes or glaucoma, can result in vision impairment. This loss of vision may mean a loss of independence … Continued

Dry Eye Syndrome-2020

You are accessing a expired course Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eye cannot produce a sufficient quantity of tears or when the tears do not have a normal consistency. Dry eye syndrome is uncomfortable and can restrict or contraindicate many activities, can lead to repeated infections and possible damage to the underlying cornea with … Continued

What opticians need to know about ophthalmology-2021

You are accessing a expired course Ophthalmology is the specialized field of medicine focusing on the eye which encompasses the anatomy, physiology, diseases and treatments that affect the eye. This course gives information regarding classifications in ophthalmology, as well as the many optical conditions and tests related to the ophthalmic side of a practice. For … Continued

Advanced Opticianry and Optical Formulas-2021

You are accessing a expired course An ABO certified optician uses basic optical math on a daily basis. However, certain advanced concepts and corresponding formulas will help the ECP to better anticipate how a lens will actually look and function. Less commonly used optical formulas are presented in detail, including multiple examples of each. Patient … Continued

Function vs. Fashion in Eyewear-2021

You are accessing a expired course Eyewear has been used since ancient times, beginning with simple protective goggles and advancing through the ages to become various forms of spectacles. Many advancements and changes to eye wear have come about from the necessity for a specific function or need. Still other changes have been in response … Continued

It's a Frame Up-2020

You are accessing a expired course The eye care professional and patient cooperate with one another in the choices of eyeglass frames. This course expands upon the knowledge and actions needed by the ECP to be a successful frame stylist. Fundamental ideas of frame design and fabrication covered in the course are the foundation of … Continued

Progressive and Advanced Design Multifocal Lenses-2021

You are accessing a expired course The optics of progressive lenses continues to improve as lens manufacturers create more sophisticated designs. The choices in progressive lenses, including those with personalized designs and measurements, provide the opportunity for an ECP to find the optimal lens for each presbyopic patient.