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Dr. Ann “Annie” Kearney, Ed.D., M.S.W.


Instructional Designer

Dr. Kearney serves as Optical Training Institute’s Instructional Designer. As the Instructional Designer, she has created a one-of-a-kind pedagogy for the Optician Development Program curriculum that is based on the tenets of self-efficacy. While developing the pedagogy, Dr. Kearney was deeply engaged with OTI’s team of instructors and subject matter experts, extensively reviewed the current literature on self-efficacy, professional education, and relevant frameworks, and guided the structuring of the program.

In addition to serving as Instructional Designer for the Optician Development Program, she serves as the Director of Wellness at an independent school in New England.

Prior to joining OTI and her recent role as a Director of Wellness, Dr. Kearney worked as an independent researcher and writer. While her research expertise is primarily qualitative, she has had quantitative engagements. Her writing and consulting focus on curriculum and course design projects.

Throughout her career, Dr. Kearney has had extensive instructional design and educational experiences. She has a master’s in clinical social work and a doctorate in health education, promotion and behavioral change from Columbia University. She has also served as a lecturer at numerous universities.