CE Credit and Licensing Requirements by State

Every state has different licensing and continuing education requirements. Some states don’t accept online CE credits. Select your state below and learn more about your state’s specific requirements.

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New York

All the courses offered on opticaltraining.com are approved by the state of New York for continuing education in opticianry.

Exam: ABO & NCLE and state practical exam
License Renewal Period: Triennial
Continuing Education Requirements: 18 hours/3 years with 3 hours in CL; if lic for CL 20 hours/3 years with 10 hours in CL.

NY State Education Department
Office of the Professions
Division of Professional Licensing Services
Ophthalmic Dispensing Unit
P.O. Box 22063
Albany, NY 12201
Phone: 518-474-3817, ext 250
Fax: 518-402-5354
E-mail: [email protected]