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CE Credit and Licensing Requirements by State

Every state has different licensing and continuing education requirements. Some states don’t accept online CE credits. Select your state below and learn more about your state’s specific requirements.

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New Hampshire


What are the continuing education requirements for license renewal in New Hampshire?

  • 8 hours, every 2 years  
  • Allows Internet CE? Yes (all CEs can be taken online as of 4/15/24)


Is Optical Training Institute an approved continuing education provider in New Hampshire?

Yes, licensed opticians (Ophthalmic Dispensers) in New Hampshire can take any of our online continuing education courses on our website.


What is the Optician Development Program approved for in New Hampshire? 

At this time, ODP is not approved in the state of New Hampshire for apprenticeship alignment. The program can be taken for training purposes only.


What are the requirements to become a licensed optician in New Hampshire?


He-P 6002.01  Initial Application.

(a)  Each applicant for registration under RSA 327-A shall make an application on a form provided by the commissioner.

(b)  The submitted application for registration shall contain the following:

(1)  Name of applicant;

(2)  Home address and phone of applicant;

(3)  Date of birth of applicant;

(4)  The applicant’s social security number, which:

  1. Is required by RSA 161-B:11; VI-a;
  2. Is used only for enforcement of the laws governing child support; and
  3. Shall be held confidential by the department;

(5)  The name, address, and phone of the business where the applicant is employed as an ophthalmic dispenser;

(6)  If a partnership, the name and address of each partner;

(7)  If a corporation, the name and address of each corporate officer;

(8)  The name of each state where the applicant holds or has held a license or registration to practice ophthalmic dispensing and the dates the applicant has practiced in each state;

(9)  A statement as to whether the applicant has ever been denied a license or registration to practice ophthalmic dispensing, has had an ophthalmic dispensing license or registration revoked or suspended, or has had any other disciplinary action taken against his or her ophthalmic dispensing license or registration in this or any other state;

(10)  Recent 2” x 2” photograph of applicant’s face; and

(11)  Signature of applicant and date signed.

(c)  The completed application shall be submitted to the commissioner and shall be accompanied by the registration fee set forth in He-P 6002.06 (a) (1).

(d)  The commissioner shall either accept the application as being complete or notify the applicant in writing within 30 days of receipt of the application, that the application is incomplete, specifying what the applicant needs to submit to complete the application.

(e)  Applicants who submit a complete application in accordance with He-P 6002.01 (a) through (c) and pay the registration fee set forth in He-P 6002.06 (a) (1) shall be granted registration as an ophthalmic dispenser.

(f)  Registrations issued by the commissioner shall be effective for 2 full calendar years from the date of approval.

(g)  Notwithstanding (e) above, the commissioner shall deny any application if the applicant:

(1)  Has not met any one of the requirements of RSA 327-A or He-P 6002; or

(2)  Has engaged in behavior justifying denial under RSA 327-A:9.

(h)  The commissioner shall send the decision to deny the application to the applicant at the address shown on the application.

(i)  Notification of denial shall be in accordance with He-P 6003.03 (a), (b) and (c).


For more information: Ophthalmic Dispensing Professionals Laws and Rules | NH Office of Professional Licensure and Certification


What exams are required in New Hampshire to become a licensed optician?

New Hampshire does not require exams to be issued a license. 


How can you contact the New Hampshire state board?

Office of Professional Licensure & Certification

7 Eagle Square

Concord NH, 03301

Phone: 603-271-9254

Email: [email protected]

Ophthalmic Dispensing Professionals | NH Office of Professional Licensure and Certification