CE Credit and Licensing Requirements by State

Every state has different licensing and continuing education requirements. Some states don’t accept online CE credits. Select your state below and learn more about your state’s specific requirements.

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The following courses on our website are also Florida State approved.
Progressive and Advanced Design Multifocal Lenses for 2 continuing education credits
Computer Vision Syndrome – Sources and Solutions for 2 continuing education credits
All About SiHy for 2 continuing education credits
The Signs Point to Change for 2 continuing education credits

Exam: ABO & NCLE and State Exam
License Renewal Period: Biennial
Continuing Education Requirements: 20 hours/2 years: 11 directly related to technical practice; if board certified 4 must be CL; 2 hours in Laws & Rules; 2 prevention of medical errors; 5 hours electives in one or more of technical that can include laws, HIV/AIDS, management practice and up to 2 hours can be credited for attending a disciplinary Board meeting. For first renewal only: 1 elective hour must be HIV/AIDS. Max 5 hours from courses without classroom instruction.

For a list of Florida approved courses click here.

Florida Department of Health
Board of Opticianry
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