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ATLANTA, GA – The Optical Training Institute (OTI), a leader in providing education solutions for the optical industry, is delighted to announce its latest achievement: The Education and Training Awards 2023, bestowed by Corporate Vision. OTI has been recognized for its quality continuing education and training coursework in the optical sector.

Since its inception, OTI has been committed to nurturing the professional growth of over 30,000 eye care professionals. Their portfolio boasts a versatile range of services, including career training, exam preparation, continuing education courses, and knowledge-based pre-hire assessments, all geared towards enhancing patient experience and promoting career advancement in the eye care industry.

“We are proud to receive this prestigious award,” says Brianna Cuenca, Program Manager at OTI. “This accolade serves as a testament to the efforts of our team in producing high-quality educational content that resonates with the evolving needs and trends of the optical industry.”

OTI stands as a beacon of innovation and quality, built upon a foundation of extensive industry knowledge and expertise. Their dedication is reflected in their crafted courses written by subject matter experts and shaped by experienced instructional designers.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and advancement, the Optical Training Institute remains at the forefront of education by continuously updating and augmenting their course offerings. Their future plans are firmly rooted in their mission—ensuring that their content is always aligned with the latest industry research and trends, thus providing an ever-enhancing educational experience for all learners.

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