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Anatomical Structures and Soft Contact Lenses: Lesson # 14

Summary It is up to the great contact lens fitter to recognize any adverse changes and to help patients to avoid or correct resulting problems. The contact lens ECP dispenses what are actually medical devices in a careful and professional manner. Thus, patients will depend on your guidance to keep their eyes healthy. Your patient’s … Continued

Nutrition and the Eyes: Lesson # 20

Summary Today’s patients generally know the value of good nutrition but might not equate good nutrition with good eyesight. A discussion of information related to patient lifestyle, including diet, is important. The entire body needs good nutrition and the eyes are extremely important to perform all daily tasks. With this in mind, and while studies … Continued

Innovative Technology for Vision Care Specialist Instructions Page

Click to download and print the course. To get the most out of this course, we recommend completing it in an environment free from distractions. Platform Instructions If you prefer to print the course and test questions, the PDF version is located below. Download & Print Courses are now broken down into Lessons. You can … Continued