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The following courses on our website are also Florida State approved. Each course is approved for 2 home study credits.

Florida Approved Spectacle Credits

• This Used to be a Closet: In-house labs
• CVS Sources and Solutions
• Diabetes and the Eye
• Everything Old Is New Again – Lens Treatments
• What Blue Can Do: Harm or Help?
• What opticians need to know about ophthalmology

Florida Approved Contact Lens Credits

• Anatomical Structures and Soft Contact Lenses
• Orthokeratology and Myopia Control
• Soft Contact Lenses: Best Practices
• When to Say No to Contact Lenses
• Astigmatism and Contact Lenses
• Contact Lenses for Children
• The Signs Point to a Change
• Soft Contact Lens Care & Patient Education

Florida CE Requirements.

Exam: ABO & NCLE and State Exam
License Renewal Period: Biennial
Continuing Education Requirements: 20 hours every 2 years: 11 technical hours (if board certified, 4 of 11 hours must be contact lens); 2 hours on Federal or Florida Laws & Rules; 2 hours on Medical Errors; and 5 hours of electives (may choose from: technical, laws and rules, HIV/AIDS, and practice management). For first renewal only: 1 elective hour must be HIV/AIDS. A max of 5 CE hours may be earned from courses without classroom instruction.
*2020 Continuing Education Requirements: According to Emergency Rule 64B12ER20-28, for the biennium ending December 31, 2020, all required hours may be acquired from courses without classroom instruction from July 1, 2020 until September 28, 2020. All other requirements remain the same.