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    Course Description

    Acuity Exam

    course provides an overview of the visual acuity examination. The visual
    acuity exam is comprised of two main components: refractometry, a multifaceted
    measurement of refractive errors with a variety of specific instruments
    and techniques, and clinical judgement, which is required to prescribe
    appropriate optical correction.

    personnel are often responsible for many of the measurements involved
    in refractometry which can assist the optometrist or ophthalmologist
    in evaluating the findings, assessing related patient needs, and prescribing
    the appropriate correction. While the visual acuity exam is essential
    in helping to assess the functional behavior and anatomic status of
    the eye, in itself, it only comprises a portion of a comprehensive medical
    eye examination.

    The course begins with an overview of the components of refraction:
    retinoscopy, refinement, and binocular balancing. The techniques used
    in streak retinoscopy are described and the reflexes produced by the
    streak retinoscope are illustrated. The use of the trial frame and phoroptor
    for subjective refinement is described. The course goes on to cover
    the basic techniques employed in performing refractometry which include
    the procedures used in the distance acuity test, the pinhole acuity
    test and the near acuity test.