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    Course Description

    Lens Design

    course provides certified and state licensed opticians with information
    on the latest developments in progressive and variable focus lens technology.
    It presents new technology and describes how it differs from conventional
    PAL designs enabling the professional dispenser to offer their patients
    the best lenses available for their visual needs.

    course begins with a presentation of the evolution of progressive lens
    design and goes on to cover the inherent limitations found in conventional
    progressive lens design. The course illustrates how advanced lens design
    such as atoric lenses, compensated prescription, and “internal” progressive
    channel lenses can minimize many of these limitations. It goes on to
    describe the methodology for successful dispensing of advanced progressive
    addition lenses which includes ascertaining the patient’s needs, patient
    education, and recommendations for implementing appropriate fitting
    and measuring procedures. The course continues with a brief description
    of visual problems often encountered by advanced presbyopes when using
    the computer and concludes with a representative listing of variable
    focus lenses designed to help relieve symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.