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    lenses have become one of the fastest growing lens categories in recent
    years. In fact, many ophthalmic professionals and their patients feel
    that polarized lenses are the best sunglasses available due to their
    ability to dramatically reduce glare. And new manufacturing techniques
    have significantly improved the products which are now available on
    the market.

    introduced in the 1930s, polarized lenses are now available in a variety
    of lens materials, styles and prescription ranges which include plano,
    flat-top bifocals and trifocals, and progressives. And lens materials
    available in polarization include CR 39, high index 1.56, polycarbonate,
    photochromic plastic, photochromic glass and glass. The lens availability
    chart summarizes the materials, lens forms, and available colors.

    of early polarized lenses would sometimes experience problems with delamination.
    However, with the development of in-mold polarization techniques, lamination
    problems have virtually disappeared. Also, lens manufacturers now offer
    a variety of polarized colors, to suit virtually any need your patient
    may have from sports to computer use to low vision.