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    Course Description


    The latest developments
    in photochromic lenses have taken the products into a totally different
    arena – the world of lifestyle dispensing. This course takes a look
    at lifestyle dispensing with photochromic lenses. Wearers have always
    liked photochromic lenses for their comfort and convenience. Now with
    the improved performance of these lenses, doctors and dispensers are
    being given additional opportunities to meet a growing array of lifestyle
    needs. Understanding the available photochromic technologies and how
    to explain them to patients is key to providing eyewear that answers
    and enhances the lifestyle needs of your patients.

    Therefore, we’ll
    start this course by describing the two main photochromic technologies.
    We’ll also help you identify potential candidates for photochromic lenses.
    Contact lens wearers. People with light sensitivity. Teenagers. Emerging
    presbyopes. Outdoor enthusiasts and weekend athletes. People who spend
    the day going inside and outside. Patients who simply want a stylish,
    fashionable look. We’ll explore them all. We’ll take a look at dispensing
    these lenses too. Finally, to make the process of dispensing photochromics
    successful and time efficient for everyone in your office, we’ll show
    you how to use a lifestyle questionnaire that engages patients more
    fully in the discussion of their eyewear needs.