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One Pair, Two Pair, Red Pair, Blue Pair: Multiple Sales

Debra Bennett

Debra Bennett has no relevant financial relationships to disclose. The content and format of this course is presented without commercial bias and does not claim superiority of any commercial product or service.

Course Description

This course is designed to expand the knowledge of the eye care professional (ECP) in using techniques and strategies to convert the sale of one pair of eyeglasses into two or more pairs purchases at the same time. The course highlights traditional sales techniques and expands on the knowledge to successfully offer a second pair. After completing the course, an ECP will have some extra tools and ideas to cinch the sale of multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate the ability to create a multiple sales opportunity using trust and education
  • Establish various presentation approaches
  • Practice lifestyle listening
  • Apply troubleshooting objections by the patient
  • Practice generating multiple pair sales through the use of promotions and add-ons