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    course covers the subjects of in-office contact lens modification of
    rigid lenses, and delivery to the patient. Also included in this copurse
    is some supplementary information on the use of the radiuscope, on DK
    value and gas permeable lenses, and ANSI standards for rigid and soft

    in-office modifications which are possible with rigid lenses include:
    reducing the overall lens diameter, flattening the base curve, blending
    transition zones, removing scratches, adding minus power, adding plus
    power and dotting the lens for identification. The use of the radiuscope
    will be described and illustrated as it is used to verify the radius
    of curvature of a spherical surface. We continue with a discussion of
    the uses of contact lens solutions for rigid and soft lenses. These
    include wetting, cleaning, and soaking solutions for rigid lenses, and
    cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and re-wetting solutions for soft lenses.
    This is followed by a discussion of patient instruction techniques for
    lens insertion and removal as well as recommended “breaking-in” wearing

    abbreviated chart of ANSI standards is also presented. This chart consists
    of the most referenced standards for rigid and soft lenses— those which
    you may be called upon to know. We conclude with a glossary of important
    terms which were used throughout this course, as well as some which
    you may be seeing for the first time