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It’s a Team Sport – Optimal Office Flow

Debra Bennett

Debra Bennett has no relevant financial relationships to disclose. The content and format of this course is presented without commercial bias and does not claim superiority of any commercial product or service.

Course Description

This course discusses the importance of good team work in an optical office, with the ultimate goal of happy eye care providers (ECPs) who provide excellent patient service. Using some comparisons to a well-functioning sports team, the course begins with design of a physical office with good patient flow plus worker accommodations.

A typical office day and duties of the various ECPs are covered. Triage and troubleshooting techniques are discussed, as are staff meetings and mutual goal setting.

Course Objectives

  • Establish the principles of good team work in the optical office
  • Analyze the current flow of the office
  • Locate the areas of responsibility and recommend improvements with the aim of optimal patient flow and service