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Instrumentation, Regulations and Standards

Begins with a study of the lensometer to include a survey of its principal parts as will as a summary of the measurements it is capable of reading. Includes a step by step procedure for verifying a lens from a known prescription as well as neutralizing a lens from an unknown prescription. The methods of interpreting prism power as well as the direction of its base are followed by a description of when and how to “split” vertical prism for improved cosmetics and patient comfort. A survey and brief description of some basic tools used in the optical dispensary concludes this section.

The governmental and non-governmental regulatory agencies are surveyed to include ANSI, OSHA, FDA, and ASTM. An abbreviated table of ANSI Standards is included to list the most commonly referenced tolerances for prescription ophthalmic lenses along with a table of other ANSI publications of interest to the optical dispenser. Professional liability for the products, services, and information dispensed to the public is addressed. Emphasis is placed on maintaining adequate, up-to-date product knowledge and of demonstrating genuine concern for the needs and well-being of the patient.