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    Brief Course Description

    Dispensing to Seniors

    The population is ageing and people are
    living longer. The average life expectancy in the
    United States is now more that 75 years and this
    bodes well for the optical industry. The “baby
    boom” generation, that large segment of the
    population born between 1946 and 1963, have
    all now reached their fortieth year and well
    beyond. As we know when we turn 40 the
    crystalline lens in our eye has lost enough of its
    flexibility so that we are now required to wear
    corrective lenses for near vision activities such
    as reading. The point is that almost everyone
    over the age of 40 requires some sort of visual correction.

    Not only are people are living longer, but they are often engaging in active, visually
    intensive life styles much longer than was customary in the past. Many seniors are entering
    new careers, some are going back to school while others spend time doing volunteer work.
    Ascertaining the needs of the patient is always important, but it is especially so when
    working with seniors.