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    Brief Course Description

    Contact Lenses for Baby Boomers

    Aging can cause subtle and dramatic changes
    to the body, particularly to the eyes. Some of the
    challenges we need to keep in mind when fi tting
    aging patients with contact lenses include presbyopia,
    increased dry eye symptoms and decreased manual
    dexterity. In this course, we discuss how contact lenses
    can help your patients over forty achieve optimal
    comfort and vision.

    As we get older our eyes lose the ability to change
    focus from distant objects to near ones. This loss of
    accommodation is called presbyopia, and it happens to
    just about everyone, usually starting around age 40. For most people, the biggest problem
    with presbyopia is reading. As the ability to focus on close objects gradually diminishes,
    reading becomes more difficult, particularly when the print is small, the contrast is poor,
    or the reader is tired.