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    Course Description

    Lens Handling & Care

    the patient is well educated on the proper techniques, it is less likely
    that he or she will have serious problems. A videotape or pamphlet is
    quite helpful in explaining the proper procedures. A checklist of procedures
    should be reviewed with the patient prior to and after training. The
    checklist can also act as a “report card,” identifying areas that require
    further training or attention. A contact lens agreement form should
    be used as a contract between the doctor and the patient. This form
    should identify that the fitter has reviewed I & R techniques and has
    advised the patient of any possible adverse reactions.

    course begins with a presentation of insertion and removal techniques
    for rigid and soft lenses and goes on to cover proper handling techniques
    for gas permeable rigid lenses. Next, we cover the elements of the contact
    lens care system which includes daily cleaners, rinsing agents, disinfectants
    and enzyme products. The course concludes with a presentation of chemical
    care systems designed to promote compliance by making the care product
    system safe and easy to use while maintaining a high level of effectiveness.