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Course Description

Anti-Reflection Coating

course provides an introduction to anti-reflection coatings. It starts
with a brief history then goes on to discuss the patient benefits of
AR. It continues with a description of some technical aspects such as
constructive and destructive interference and provides an overview of
the current technologies and equipment used in the actual AR coating

second part of the course describes in-office techniques that should
be used to help prepare lenses for the AR coating process and includes
tips for cutting and edging lenses as well as the use of AR with certain
cosmetic lens treatments such as tinting and edge polishing. The course
concludes with techniques that can be used for effectively presenting
AR coating to your patients.

of the information contained in this course is provided courtesy of
the AR Council. The AR Council is a non-profit industry association,
that was founded in 1989 and is comprised of a variety of companies
with a strong interest in anti-reflective coatings. It promotes the
use of anti-reflective coatings on eyewear through education, marketing,
public relations and advertising. The Council offers a variety of marketing
materials, including patient brochures, an informative handbook, a consumer
video, (which can be viewed on their web site), dispensing mats and
other materials. These materials are available for retailers and labs
in North America. Currently the AR Council is working with ISO and ANSI
to comply with industry standards.