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    Course Description

    Advanced Techniques

    course covers contact lenses which are fit for the correction of presbyopia,
    astigmatism, aphakia, and keratoconus. These, indeed, are advanced techniques
    and require the skill and experience of the seasoned contact lens fitter.
    While the study of this section by itself will not produce an expert
    fitter, it will provide an introduction to and a survey of the various
    lens designs and fitting procedures which are employed.

    section begins with the study of presbyopia by presenting the various
    options available to the presbyopic contact lens wearer. Among these
    are spectacle lenses for near vision to be worn over the distance vision
    contact lenses, monovision, concentric style multifocal contact lenses,
    and segment style contact lenses. The discussion of contact lenses for
    the correction of astigmatism includes the fitting of front toric, back
    toric, and bitoric lens designs. Lens stabilization techniques designed
    to inhibit lens rotation in cylindrical and segment multifocal lenses
    will be discussed. These include prism ballast, truncation, double slab-off
    and posterior toric surfaces.

    section on contact lenses for the correction of aphakia will survey
    the various lens materials and shapes that can be used to help the cataract
    patient. These will include conventional lenticular, minus carrier lenticular
    (myoflange), and single cut lenses. Emphasis will be placed on the special
    problems encountered by the elderly aphakic contact lens wearer.

    continue with a discussion of keratoconus, a degenerative hereditary
    condition of the cornea. The various stages of the disease will be defined
    and contact lens fitting methods and philosophies designed to help improve
    visual acuity will be surveyed.