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Advanced Opticianry and Optical Formulas

Alex Hagerty

Alex Hagerty has no relevant financial relationships to disclose. The content and format of this course is presented without commercial bias and does not claim superiority of any commercial product or service.

Course Description

An ABO certified optician uses basic optical math on a daily basis. However, certain advanced concepts and corresponding formulas will help the ECP to better anticipate how a lens will actually look and function. Less commonly used optical formulas are presented in detail, including multiple examples of each.

Patient satisfaction is achieved when the ECP anticipates potential problems and can make initial mathematical adjustments that result in an optimal lens.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate how to compensate prescription based on vertex distance
  • Demonstrate how to compensate prescription based on tilt
  • Calculate expected lens thickness
  • Calculate minimum blank size
  • Demonstrate how to find power in oblique meridians
  • Apply the formulas to real life situations
  • Identify the factors of lens magnification