Contact Lens Complications and Resolutions-2021

You are accessing a expired course It is vital for the eye care professional to help patients use contact lenses in a safe and sanitary manner. That being said, even with the most diligent patient, complications can occasionally arise. These complications can range from mild and self‐limiting to severe and sight threatening. Rapid diagnosis and … Continued

Orthokeratology and Myopia Control-2021

You are accessing a expired course Orthokeratology and myopia control are dynamic parts of the contact lens industry due to advances in lens design. The research into and the availability of ocular drugs that delay myopic progression have renewed interest in the field. Higher amounts of myopia can be treated with the newer lens designs … Continued

Dispensing to Seniors-2022

You are accessing a expired course Brief Course Description Dispensing to Seniors The population is ageing and people are living longer. The average life expectancy in the United States is now more that 75 years and this bodes well for the optical industry. The “baby boom” generation, that large segment of the population born between … Continued

All About SiHy (Silicone Hydrogel Lenses)-2023

You are accessing a expired course Silicone Hydrogel (SiHy) was introduced in 1999 as the first contact lens material approved for continuous wear. It is also a popular daily wear lens; plus, SiHy is the material of choice for new wearers and re-fitted patients. The SiHy lens material provides comfort, good oxygen delivery and many … Continued

Troubleshooting the Demanding Patient-2021

You are accessing a expired course Brief Course Description Troubleshooting the Demanding Patient Troubleshooting the demanding patient is like troubleshooting any other patient. The demanding patient requires more patience and often a more creative approach to your usual routine. At the conclusion of this program, you should be able to troubleshoot lens and frame issues … Continued

Therapeutic and Bandage Contact Lenses-2022

You are accessing a expired course Healing or preventing an ocular wound, especially any damage to the cornea, requires special measures. Therapeutic and bandage contact lenses can be an important part of the healing process when the eye care professional and patient work together for the best results. This course will look at the dispensing … Continued

Diabetes and the Eye-2021

You are accessing a expired course Diabetes is a systemic disease affecting a large percentage of the U.S. population. When uncontrolled, diabetes can damage the retina, possibly leading to blindness. The eye care professional (ECP) benefits from a basic understanding of the disease, the symptoms and available treatments: especially in relationship to the eye and … Continued

Soft Contact Lenses: Best Practices (SCD)-2021

You are accessing a expired course The optician who works with contact lens patients will be called upon to assist in patient fitting, lens choice and also implementing advanced diagnostic techniques when needed. The optician will also be able to offer the patient a custom fit in a soft lens as well as skilled troubleshooting … Continued

The Contact Lens Dispensary: From Set Up to Inventory-2020

You are accessing a expired course A contact lens dispensary requires proper set-up, staffing and maintenance. Set up and layout facilitate patient flow and offer comfort and privacy. All staff members need to make a patient feel welcome, whether the staff member is directly or indirectly involved in contact lens patient care and safety. Maintenance … Continued

The Technology of Contact Lenses-2020

You are accessing a expired course Contact lenses are a modern technology with a historical perspective. First conceptually illustrated by Leonardo DaVinci, these tiny lenses were not actualized for centuries. Today’s technology is based upon early lenses that were extremely uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. The contact lenses of just twenty years ago … Continued