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When I sign up for more than one online course do I have to complete them all at once or can I come back to them as often as I need to?

When you order a course you establish an account at the same time. This means you can return to the course material as often as you like. In fact, even after you have completed a course the course content remains available to you for future reference.

What happens if I don’t pass a test on the first attempt?

After submitting a test, the program tells you what your grade was and which questions you may have missed. If you don’t pass it the first time. you can take the test again at no additional charge. If you still don’t pass it on the second attempt you can email opticaltraining.com and we will post a different course for you to take at no additional charge.

Once I complete a course do I need to submit it to the ABO/NCLE or does opticaltraining.com do it for me ?

Opticaltraining.com submits monthly reports to the ABO/NCLE which includes a record of all online courses completed during the previous month. This means you don’t have to submit your certificates to the ABO/NCLE, we do it for you. Please note- In November we report completed courses bi-monthly and in December we report the completed courses weekly.

Are your courses approved for continuing education by the state of Ohio

Yes all the courses listed on opticaltraining.com are approved by the Ohio State Board of Dispensing Opticians for continuing education credit.

Are your courses approved for continuing education by the state of New York?

Yes, all the courses listed on opticaltraining.com are approved by the New York Board of Dispensing Opticians for continuing education credit.

How many credits do you offer through the Internet?

Opticaltraining.com currently offers 56 credits in the area of spectacle dispensing and 34 credits in the area of contact lens dispensing. And we are continually adding more courses.

Can I combine online credits and credits I earn through other means, such as by attending seminars, to meet my requirements?

Yes. You can combine credits earned at seminars or self study with those earned online to satisfy your requirements.

If I have any questions how can I contact opticaltraining.com?

Opticaltraining.com offers total support both on the phone and via email. When you need to speak to somebody about your credits we’re there to help.

How much do credits cost?

For $18.50 per credit online you get the best value in the industry. Choose from a huge selection of ABO and NCLE approved CE courses. At opticaltraining.com you save time and money. There are no travel expenses and no time restrictions. You complete the courses on your schedule when and where it’s convenient for you. Special discounts available. We offer a discount designed for those who need 12 or more credits reducing the price per online credit to only $12.50.

Will my state accept online continuing education credits?

Each state has unique requirements. Some will accept ABO/NCLE approved credits earned through the Internet and others will not. Check with you state board. If your state does except these credits you can certainly apply them.

Suppose I want to speak to someone with questions regarding my credits?

You are always welcome to contact us either by phone 949-551-5455 or by email [email protected]

I do not want to use my credit card to purchase courses over the Internet, I would like to pay by check. But I would still like to earn my credits online. Can I do this?

Yes. Just mail us a list of the courses you would like to take along with your name, address, email address, and a check for the amount of the courses you are taking. We will then establish an account for you so you can gain access to your courses. Or call us at 949-551-5455 and we will fax or mail you a form designed for this purpose.

I would like to earn credits through the mail. Can I still do this?

Yes. You can print the order form for credits through the mail then mail or fax it to opticaltraining.com