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All the courses offered on opticaltraining.com are approved for the New York opthalmic spectacle and contact lens continuing education.

The frequently asked questions that follow should address most of your questions. If not, you are always welcome to call us at 949-551-5455 or you can contact the NY state board directly at 518-474-6374

I am a New York state licensed optician, how many continuing education credits do I need to earn?

During each three year licensing period, licensed ophthalmic dispensers need to complete 18 hours of approved continuing education. If you wish, three of these hours may be on subjects relative to the fitting and dispensing of contact lenses. If you are also certified to fit contact lenses, you need to complete 20 hours of approved continuing education, and 10 of these hours must be on subjects relative to the fitting and dispensing of contact lenses. On questions relating to your licensing requirements its always best to contact the state board directly. Follow this link or call them at 518-474-6374.

How many credits am I allowed to earn through the Internet?

You may earn as many of your credits as you wish through the Internet as long as the courses qualify as “live” courses; that is those where you interact directly with the instructor. All of the Internet courses offered by the Optical Training Institute qualify as being “live” courses since you have direct interaction with the instructor.

How many credits do you offer through the Internet?

Opticaltraining.com currently offers 56 credits in the area of spectacle dispensing and 34 credits in the area of contact lens dispensing. And we are continually adding more courses. Since the Optical Training Institute is an approved provider of continuing education, all of these courses are approved for New York licensed opticians

Can I combine Internet credits and credits I earn through other means, such as by attending seminars, to meet my requirements?

Yes. You can combine credits earned at seminars or self study with those earned through the Internet to satisfy your requirements.

Can the credits I earn online also be used for my ABO and/or NCLE certification?

Yes. If you are ABO and /or NCLE certified you can simultaneously earn credits for these agencies, while you satisfy your state requirements. And there is no additional charge.

What about “Credits by Mail”? I’ve heard that I can only earn 3 credits towards my New York license using CECs by Mail.

That’s true. The state board only allows you to earn three continuing education credits through the mail during each three year licensing period.

How much do credits cost? Do I pay more if I need them for my state license and national certification through the ABO/NCLE.

Ordering your credits though the Internet is economical. If you order up to five credits the cost per credits just $18.50. We offer a discount designed for those who need 12 or more credits reducing the price per credit to only $12.50.Choose from a huge selection of New York, ABO and NCLE approved CE courses. At opticaltraining.com you save time and money. There are no travel expenses and no time restrictions. You complete the courses on your schedule when and where it’s convenient for you.

I also have a license in another state, can I apply the credits to both?

Each state has unique requirements. Some will accept ABO/NCLE approved credits earned through the Internet and others will not. Check with you state board. If your state does except these credits you can certainly apply them and at no additional cost.

How long does to take to receive my credits once I have completed the course. +

Your NY ce certificate is available immediately after completing a course.

What do I do with my credits once I receive them?

The New York state board conducts random audits, so be sure to keep your credits in a safe place in the event you are audited.

Suppose I want to speak to someone with questions regarding my credits.

It’s always best to contact the state board directly if you have any questions regarding your license. You can call them at 518-474-6374. Of course you are always welcome to contact the Optical Training Institute as well with questions concerning your CEC requirements.

I do not want to use my credit card to purchase courses over the Internet, I would like to pay by check. But I would still like to earn my credits online. Can I do this?

Yes. Just mail us a list of the courses you would like to take along with your name, address, email address, and a check for the amount of the courses you are taking. We will then establish an account for you so you can gain access to your courses. Or call us at 949-551-5455 and we will fax or mail you a form designed for this purpose.

I would like to earn credits through the mail. Can I still do this?

Yes. If you wish, you can view a list of courses which are available through the mail or go directly to the printable course order form which you can then mail or fax to the Optical Training Institute to place your order.